How to turn a man on?

Posted on 22nd June 2018 in Body Language

How to turn a man on


One of the main things that you will get on the wish to-do-list of any girl is how to turn a man on. It is the most beautiful feeling for a girl but the main question is, what are the things that will turn a man on? We have compiled great tips that will make him beg you for more.

Learning to turn a guy on is the first step that you need to do to improve your love life. It could be the only thing that you are missing. Many people will assume that the turn on for a guy starts and ends in the bed but unfortunately this is not the case. Different guys are turned on differently. You might not know everything that will turn men on but you need to know at least what makes your guy get to the optimum spirits.

How to turn a man on

How to turn a man on

How to turn a man on


You could be Sexy in Bed But…

You need to know what matters to a guy and how his mind works. This is what you need to seduce and turn the guy on every chance that you get to have. It is what will make him do it without any second thought. This is what every woman wants to see.

Make him Feel Sexy

Every man has a little ego. They want to feel that they are onto on their game. If he feels sexy around you then he will easily get turned on when he is around you. Ensure you always point out his strength however small they are.

Tell him about the sexy smile that he always has and strong shoulders. Let him know about the way you love his chest and feel safe around him. Every man loves to be complimented.

Your Confidence

You are the best version of yourself. A man will always be attracted to a woman that is able to address an issue with boldness. Be confident when you are around him. Touch him with boldness. Nothing is sexier than confidence.

You will need to be the hottest and the coolest girl he will ever have. The more confident and bold you are around your man the more he will ever get attracted to you. He will always see you as the right woman for him.

Always use the Eye Contact

Make-up is very important to many women. The right amount of makeup will, however, increase your beauty. Every man wants to be around a beautiful girl. Put on the right amount of makeup that will give him confidence around you. It will get him attracted to you.

There is a lot that can be transmitted through how you look at a person. Give him a look that will suggest what you want from him. Once he gets attracted he will definitely do all that you need of him.

At times, talking dirty helps. This is one of the fastest ways that you can use to turn him on. Begging by touching him gently. You will easily make him heat up and make your long-term relationship better. This makes him want to be around you. Through this kind of talk, you are able to communicate to your partner what you want. They are also able to verbalize what you like.

Sharing with your Partner Matters a lot.

What do you do when you get to bed? Sex is not the only reason you are together. You need to connect. Sharing fantasies makes you closer. Tell him the things that you would like to see him doing to you. This is where the connection lies. They need to know about your sexual fantasies. This is able to stimulate their mind in a great way. They will, therefore, give you great feeling and love that you can’t believe.

Have you Tried the 90 Seconds Make out?

This is a minute that you use to arouse him. It makes him give his all to you. This doesn’t have to always lead to sex. Passionate kissing and touching for a minute and a half is enough to make him yearn for more of this. It will build his anticipation for the next time he will get such.

Your man can move the direction that you want him to. He will get to the place that you want him to get. This will actually make him get home early waiting for you.

Ignoring your man would be the worst thing that you do to him. This can turn him off towards you for good. At times, he will press against you in the night. You don’t have to tell him that you are tired. A little kissing will get you too to his state. Within no time you will be flowing with him. Through this, he will feel more grateful and will feel well involved in the activity. This will bring you closer to him every time you get to him.

How do you Attract Him to You?

It is not as complicated as you may think to attract him to you. Any guy who appears healthy, organized and stress-free will get great attention from a girl. The issue now is, how do you get this man to notice you?

A guy will get like you out of your character and behavior. Their appearance is as well one factor that many guys will look for in a woman. The mind of a man works in a different way that needs to be exhausted to get him never to resist you.


Let’s Look at how we can Get Him Without any Resistance.

When you are talking about the sexual attraction, any guy will like a girl depending on her appearance. This is what will tell him whether he would like to be with you. He doesn’t have to say anything to know this. His behaviour as well matters a lot.

If you want a man to be attracted to you very first without having to say anything to him, take care of your behaviour around him. Men will feel great near a submissive woman. Once you dress and look good when you submit when around him, expect him to ask you for an outing.

Where Love Comes In

Love and attraction are however two different things. After you go out with him is what will determine whether he will love you or not. Love will come out of the character and personality that someone has. You can fact attraction but you will never fake love. Love is brought out when your heart is fully at peace with someone.

For love to grow between you, sexual interaction is a factor. You need to relate well sexually. Build a strong sexual attraction to you that will make him fall in love with you. It is the safest way to make the guy stay in love with you. Make him want you every time he is not around you.

Being Cute Changes Everything

You will notice that many men really like cute girls. Between the couple, man is more aggressive about sex. A man will bring out his protective nature when a girl behaves in a feminine and cute way. This affects his bravely and strong face. It makes him feel more protective of you.

This is, therefore, a great secret to many ladies. Instead of seducing a man, get him to like you because you are a woman. Bring the feminine nature out of you.

Any guy will never ignore a girl that reveals the vulnerable side of her. This affects the instincts of his min faster and makes him connect with her much faster. It gets rid any thought of threat that they guy may be experiencing.

It will actually give him the need to be around her and protect her. Through this, he is able to lose his aggressiveness and gives her full attention. Every girl wants such a situation with her guy.

Being Cute is not About the Looks

Why your man might never have a great interest in you is when you want to prove that you can beat him. Trying to beat him in your arguments makes him threatened. Many women today do not agree with the aspect of being feminine. They want to prove to men that what you can do we can do it better. This is not bad when done with the right attitude. Things get loose when the idea is to show the man that you are better than he is.

A guy will find a feminine and who is cute in character more attractive. Cuteness is all about submission. This is what touches the heart of a man. As a girl, pull out the cute character in you. This comes out with your personality. This is what will add to your allure. It makes you be much more attractive among men. It is even beyond wearing a very expensive outfit and expensive makeups that you might have.

To give you a better example, let’s feature an Asian girl. Have you seen the way they smile coyly yet so warmly? You will actually enjoy having enjoyed having a conversation with her. They will nod their head in submission with inverted hands in a way that no testosterone laden guy can resist. This way you won’t have to struggle to turn him on. He will naturally get on when around you.

How to “Feminine Nature Naturally”?

Once you are a feminine, you have the feminine nature. It ought to come out naturally. Cuteness, on the other hand, is something that you can create according to how you behave.

Put up a smile. The more often you smile the more friendly you become. A smile builds your confidence and makes you pleasant.

When you are with a guy, have a delicate way to run your fingers through your hair. They really like this.

Peach and mauve colors are the best that you can choose to put on. This brings out a tone that will have a healthy glow. This is what will make you warm as well as likable in a faster way.

In summary, we have the below things that will make you attractive before any man;

  • Face

Before any guy likes you they need to see your face. The beautiful eyes and the deep dimples are the definition of beauty for many men. It is what will determine whether he will just say hi or he will start a conversation.

  • Curves

Every man loves curves. They are an answer to the soft demeanor of a woman’s body. After seeing your curves they will ray that you don’t ignore them. Even after ignoring them they will still come back.

  • Your Opinions to Others

A man is very key to listen to a woman. Women are known to be wise. They are likely to make a great wise decision that has a good consideration of the future. The argument you give therefore matters a lot to a man. They will treat the response in a personal way. How you treat others will as well speak a lot about you.

If you like a guy, don’t just focus on turning him on. Make him value you first. Though he runs for at times he will always turn back.

Talking to your man frequently is the best way to keep him thinking about you. What you talk about therefore matters a lot. When you have nothing new to tell him you will not find a reason to give him a call. You can even have a very boring conversation as he can predict what you will say.

Attending your own thing to do things at times will pay a lot. You can choose to join a book club every week. Having a jogging session on your own is also very important. This gives you more things that you can do together and more so give you content to talk about later. It will as well give you a chance to miss each other.

Finally one of strangest but most effective tactics  that you can use to turn him on. Flirt with other guys. That sounds strange. I know. That’s why I call it a surprise.

When your man sees there guys fancying you, he will psychologically desire you more. You ought to flirt with other guys every time you get a chance actually.

It is, however, important to remember that you need to have a selective play of hard to get with them. Always keep in mind the invisible barriers with them. You always need to keep your principles and rules on. When he comes in you can then wrap your hands around him and give him your full attention. This is one thing that will make him value you more than you can ever imagine. You will definitely turn him on for good.

The moment a man feels confident around you, you are lucky. It will call for your effort to turn him on. It doesn’t just happen.

The bottom line

Turning a man on, isn’t just about sex, sex, and more sex. Take it slow, phase by phase, it’s way more effective and enjoyable for both you and him. As you can tell by now, it isn’t really about the words you use or all the dirty talk you think you have to go through.

Let the body do the talking baby!

If you would like to take your “turn a man on” game to the next level, i strongly recommend you watch this video. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a man OBSESSED with you (and only you), WITHOUT even touching him.

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