How to talk to men

Posted on 21st April 2018 in Conversation Topics

How to Talk to Men



Are you dating a guy who’s difficult to open up? Or simply just getting back into the dating game after a separation and you’re not sure how to handle the new “rules”? Have you just come back from a date and are trying to decipher the entire dating session? Here’s how to talk to men effectively. Talking to men may seem complex sometimes for women, but this is usually due to the fact that they are over-thinking. If you want to learn how to talk to men in such a way that your beautiful, confident girlfriend has nailed it perfectly, just follow these easy tips.

How to talk to men

How to talk to men

The Details

  • Listen more, talk less. This tip in communication is tried and true. One of the best tips that you can take when it comes to learning how to have a conversation with men. They get bored and even annoyed by the chatterboxes of the bunch. Listen to what he has to say; it may actually be important. This will give you the hints which you can use to level up the conversation.
  • Do something together. Men do not like the thought of sitting down and doing nothing other than talking. They don’t do it with their guy friends, nor will they do it with you. Men need a side of beer or golf to go with their conversations. Do something active together, even if it’s just a walk. It will make it much easier to talk to him because you’ll have something to talk about as a great starting point of the conversation.
  • Be yourself. They’re not stupid. They know when you’re putting on an act to try to impress them, so don’t. You may slip up once in a while, it shows him that you are human too, which at the same time, will make him less nervous as well. Being someone you’re not usually won’t get his attention anyway, and even if it does, that’s a lot of work you have to keep up to keep him interested. Be yourself; it’s easier to talk to everybody when you aren’t being someone else.
  • Don’t forget he’s human too. You may have the urge to impress him more than you would want to impress the President if you were invited to dinner at the White House, but that’s also a ton of pressure on him too. While hanging out with him, keep in mind that he’s just as human, and probably is just as nervous as you are. Don’t put any pressure on any conversation. Don’t have to pressure yourself, or pressure on him. Just enjoy the moment.
  • Ask questions. Just like you wanting him to ask you things to get to know you better, so does he. He doesn’t want to sit there doing nothing other than listening to you go on for hours about the girlfriend dramas you’ve been dealing with. Simply mention it once, and then ask him how was his day was or what kind of stuff irritates him. When you ask him questions, it gives him the chance to do what he wants, which is show you how awesome he is. So let him.
  • Let him lead the conversation. It may sound slightly sexist, but the truth is when you let him lead, he feels less pressured. Men do like to be the hunters, but at the same time also be the chasers. When you let him lead conversations, it demonstrates to him that you are interested in hearing about his life. Don’t cut him off to rub your story in; let him control the tone and flow until you both settle into a nice little comfort zone in your conversation.
  • Be playful or funny if you know you have a good sense of humor. Being full of fun during conversation with men sends him the message that you are easy to be with. Don’t be afraid to get a little goofy or tell him a joke that to others, would be just flat-out lame. Doing so and the ability to laugh at yourself will get him laughing too. And, just like you, men have “sense of humor” ranked very high on their partner’s must-haves traits. Simply put it this way, when you are easy to be with, he wants to be with you more.

The Bottom Line

Talking to men is way easier and less stressful than many women make it. Not having expectations about always having the perfect conversation will make the process way easier. Men are humans too! Though we don’t talk to them the same way we talk to our women friends, we have to realize that men have the same emotions as we do, and this will helps us have better communication with them. If you’ve been secretly wanting that girlfriend of yours who always seems to have a date, following these tips in being yourself, and also being the fun girl to be around, will have you talking to men in such a way that soon you will be the envy of the pack.