Does he love me?

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Does he love me?

Does he love me? This is one of the most difficult questions to find an answer to at any time in the relationship. You may have been seeing signs about him but you may still be unsure about how he feels for you. You may have had a great time with him and you feel he loves you. However, if you find yourself asking the question “Does he love me?” frequently, you may begin to water down your feelings for him and ruin all the fun by worrying and questioning everything that relates to him. If you are still unsure about his feelings for you, then you can look out for the following signs in him and then confirm the fact that he loves you without any doubt.

Does he love me

Does he love me

So, does he love me?

  1. He continuously tell you are special

We consider the people we feel love for as being special and quite unique. We see them as being different from every other person and we may shut our eyes to other people. This means, if he’s constantly telling you how special you are using any means, he loves you. He has created a bond with you and has started to see you as a different person from other ladies he meets. He may even go ahead to express how special you are to his friends, family and co-workers. If he’s saying it, he’s most likely feeling it.

  1. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible

You may have been spending a lot of time away from him, but as of recent he seems not to get enough of your presence and you find yourself spending most of your free time with him. This is a big indicator that he is in love with you.

During intimate relationships fueled by love, we never like to be separated from our partners if it isn’t completely unavoidable, due to the fact that we enjoy having them around. The love we feel for them makes us good and we would rather spend time with them than with people we don’t feel any type of bond with.

  1. He begins to take note of your annoying habits

At the beginning of everything, your hormones are working at their peak and you may end up being blinded by them. You may be insensitive you each other’s flaws due to the intoxicating effect the love has on both of you. As soon as those hormones calm down, each other’s annoying habits will be very clear. If you find him demanding some changes about some of your bad habit, but still stick around and treats you properly, then he loves you. He sees your flaws and still wants to stay.

  1. He pays attention to you enthusiastically

If he is taking note of every word you say, he is certainly in love. This means he has his attention focused on you and he wants to know every little detail about you because he finds you interesting. He is spending more time learning about you, which is what people do for the people they love most. So if you find out that he remembers what you spoke about some days ago, then he is paying attention to you.

  1. He is sacrificing a lot for you

If you were sick at the initial stage, he may have not paid as much attention and decided to hang out with his friends till you got stronger. But, now, if you are indisposed, you find him staying at home with you while ignoring his other plans to go to see a favourite movie of his.

He would prefer to spend his time feeling better, and he would ignore the movie for you. Love has a way of making people care about their partner’s well-being at the expense of other fun activities.

  1. He’s not being too cautious around you

Do you find him farting or forgetting his manner when you are together? This may look like something gross, and may also be a reason to confirm your question. You may feel people would not be gross around their lovers.

The truth is just that he used to do those things before he came in contact with you – he just kept them hidden from you to impress you. Recently, he has begun to feel the bond and is more secure around you, eliminating the worry of you running away in disgust. That feeling of attachment and security is a sign of love.

  1. He calls you during his free time

Rather than just going out to get lunch or taking some time to rest, he finds himself calling you at any slight chance he gets. Just the sound of your voice is enough to make him feel great, so you are the best thing he needs during his break to energise him. This scenario may apply to a lot of things such as;

  • Calling you during a break of a show
  • Calling you at a family gathering as soon as he is allowed to break away
  • Calling you as soon as his friends are not paying attention

If he’s taking time out to sneak out and call you, this means he must have been thinking of you and missing you, just like the attributes of a man in love.

  1. He’s planning to spend vacation with you

Vacations are very important. They provide us with the opportunity to try out new things and it gives us a day to break the cycle of our daily routine. We don’t always have vacations and we always love to spend our limited vacation time with the people we love. If he is planning on spending his vacation with you, this means he feels a strong bond with you. This bond is strong enough to make him spend time with you, which is a sign of love.

  1. He may have picked up some of your habits

Two lovers or partners may not fuse into one person, but they tend to pick up things such as habits, mannerisms and even feel it is important to share some similarities with the person they love. These may come as small or big changes.

If you find your partner steadily making use of words attributed to you, then you can be certain he is in love.

  1. You find yourselves forming little rituals

You both may have picked a day aside for certain events. For instance, you may decide to eat supper at a particular restaurant every Saturday or go see a movie every Friday or you hug each other when leaving each other’s presence. Rituals in our lives are a sign of comfort and security. People can’t live haphazardly for too long, that is why we form these rituals to give us a pattern. These rituals are done only with those we care about.

  1. He is scared

The tempo of everything and the circumstances around may be great and there are a lot of indicators that you guys are forming a bond, but he still has a little fear. The fear is due to the fact that he has invested some time into getting to that position with him and he is worried things may take a bad turn and he would get hurt.

Understand that this type of fear may not be expressed in the normal way but it may be in form of a suspicion of jealousy. If he is not overreacting or overly demanding and still showing signs that he is scared that you may leave him, he’s in love, reassure him.

  1. He always maintain eye contact

You guys may have been together for some time, and he constantly maintains eye contact with you during your conversation. Guys have a habit of losing focus when they are not interested, meaning they would be unable to maintain a gaze. Their eyes may constantly switch to their surrounding quite often if they are not interested. If you find him maintaining eye contact while discussing, then this is a good indicator that he is interested in you and loves you.

  1. He loves to cuddle you

A lot of guys are not cuddly like women. If they find themselves cuddling, it may be to get some sex or relax after sex. Generally, cuddling is not something you find them doing before bed or while watching a movie. If you suddenly find him cuddling you without sex, then it’s an indicator that he loves you and just wants to keep you close.

  1. He’s not hiding his life from you anymore

He may have been avoiding contact between you and his family for personal reasons but all of a sudden is enthusiastic to set up a meeting. He may not be too excited about this, but he is making effort to bring you into every part of his life, good or bad. If you constantly find yourself gaining access into parts of his life he once held as secrets, then he has gotten deeper feelings for you to open up. It’s a sign of love.

  1. He is being more protective

When a man is in love with a lady, he actively wants to protect her. It’s just a natural thing for men. They are born as protectors and will do and say things to protect the things and people they hold dear. This is the reason why he may flare up if he finds you being rude to his mother or siblings. He loves those people and will protect them. If you now find yourself among those people he would protect at all costs, then you should know he loves you.

  1. He genuinely smiles at you frequently

After having a great time with him and you find out he is not shy to give you an authentic smile, which he is not used to. Guys wired to consider too much smiling as being feminine or not an attractive trait to women, so you may find a lot of guys not smiling around you. Any guy may give you a charming or genuine smile but an authentic smile will only come from a guy who

  1. He’s getting you gifts

The gifts in question are not just flowers and chocolates. Gifts, which are little or expensive which remind him of you or which you have spoken about with him, are what are being referred to. A guy in love will seek to please his woman and a very common way of pleasing and surprising a woman is through gifts.

A guy who is not financially buoyant may end up giving you less expensive gifts but they will be gifts which you have mentioned or serve as reminders.

  1. His kisses feel different

It does not matter whether you are making out or having sex, his kisses are now more loving than ever. They now feel more tender and filled with more compassion. You may even find him staring longer at you before the kiss.

This is one of the best indicators of love, so if you have carefully taken note if this, you can confirm he now loves you and care about you.

  1. He expresses his love for you verbally

A lot of girls have found it difficult to trust the loving words of men. This may be due to personal reasons or previous experiences. The truth is just that if he loves you and shows some of the signs above,  then the feelings are genuine.

There is nothing wrong or out of place if some of the signs are missing. Guys are different and express love in different ways, the fact that he doesn’t show love like other guys doesn’t make his feelings fake.

If he has verbally expressed his love for you, trust him and accept it. Love him to the extent you are able to trust his words. If you deal with your worry and distrust, you will be able to see all the signs of his love.

Love is beautiful but requires that you protect yourself from hurt. No guy will display all the signs listed above but trust and sincerity with him will highlight all the signs of his love for you. Stop the worry and doubt and start loving.

The bottom line

It doesn’t matter if he’s now your husband, boyfriend or simply just friend. If he shows you at least 4 of the signs above, you can definitely tell that he indeed LOVES you! Of course the more signs he shows, the better.

The tips may sound simple, but take a second to think of him, does he do these to you? If you feel like he does, but you’re still doubting, CONGRATULATIONS! it’s only because you’re thinking too much. I hope you’ve found these helpful and more than cleared your doubts.

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