Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend Fast and Easy? (Proven Method)

Posted on 5th June 2018 in Date Tips, Mentality

Are you looking for smart boyfriend? In this article I’m going to let you know about how to get a boyfriend fast ?

How to get a boyfriend fast

How to get a boyfriend fast


Do you have an upcoming school dance and you are scared of going alone? Or is there a family event closing in and you would love to have male company at the event.

Here’s how to get a boyfriend fast! The list of reasons is endless which may make you feel like you need a boyfriend urgently.

However the good news is that there are methods and tips which can be applied to get you a guy for a relationship in a few weeks.

For these tips to work, you need to put some effort. Confidence is needed to ensure the creation of opportunities.

The key thing to remember is that you are advised to not just date any guy. Patience is important in ensuring that you don’t end up with the wrong person.

Quick ways for How to get a boyfriend fast? 

How to get a boyfriend fast

Picking your target


#Pick your target

The first thing to consider is the type of guy you want. Identify the kind of guy you would like to be in a romantic relationship with and note them down.

Make use of this list in shortlisting the guys you meet to ensure your focus is solely on guys that match your criteria.

It will also be helpful if you can come up with a list of single guys who fit into your specifications. Avoid the ones already in relationships.

List down qualities that attract you to a guy such as his humour, his likes and dislikes, his background and so on. Do not omit behavioural criteria too.

There is no perfect guy and should kindly consider the pros and cons of each guy on your list. You may meet a guy who is cute but who lacks anything in common with you.

Avoid looking out for appearance only. Put into consideration the kind of guy that you can keep up with.

Do not leave out the guys who are already your friends but are looking to become more. That guy you are omitting may feel the same way about you, but may decide to hide his feelings if he doesn’t get the go ahead.

If you are looking to be with someone who you aren’t familiar with yet, consider things such as the type of personality, physicality and intellectuality that interests you.

By doing this you will be able to identify things to look out for when meeting new guys. It will even help determine if they are boyfriend material or not.

#Finding the Right Guy

Confidence is very important. To make sure you get into contact with a guy on time, your personal effort is going to be required.

A fantastic way to attract guys to you is to indicate that you love yourself. Ensure you build up your confidence. If you are in love with yourself, then there is a higher degree someone else will love you.

If you aren’t used to talking to guys, there is nothing bad about a little practice. You should consider rehearsing what to say in front of the mirror. This has been proven to help boost confidence levels.

Put on an outfit you feel comfortable in. For example, if red is the colour you feel best confident and comfortable in, don’t hesistate to wear red sweaters to school when necessary.

#Be approachable

Stop appearing so uptight. Be prepared to interact with people if you need to get a boyfriend fast. Work on how well you interact. It is a nice trait to have when trying to establish a connection with another person.

#Get yourself ready to be engaged in conversations.

How to get a boyfriend fast

Engage in conversations


If the guy you are interested in is a big soccer fan, don’t be afraid to comment on soccer and express the desire to know about it. He will see you as someone who is willing to accommodate him.

Another important thing is smiling. Don’t go around with that frown. A smile is an indicator of confidence and openness to discussion.

#Request for help

Do not be shy to ask your friends for help. Social media can be a great platform for you if you are looking to date someone new.

Asking for help is also another great thing. When asking for help, carefully mention the deadline.

You could say, “Sarah, you have lots of guy friends. Can you think of someone you can set me up with for this weekend?”

If you already have someone in mind, you can also ask your bolder friends to help ease you and the guy into a conversation.

#Few more Methods about how to get a boyfriend fast?

#Get out of your shell

If you are looking to get a boyfriend quickly, then you need to go out more. This means you have to increase your social network. Try to go to as many events as possible.

It doesn’t matter if your friends are going to a place where you feel you won’t have too much fun. Get out of the house and accompany them, you may never know if you will meet the guy you’ve been waiting for.

Try as best to interact with other wherever you are. Even if you are at a place where you know no one, don’t be shy to say ‘hi’ to the guy sitting next to you. Ensure you go to places where your dream guy will likely hang out.

Just as mentioned earlier, ensure you are approachable. Don’t appear as if you want the guy to do all the hard work. Loosen up a little and a guy would pick interest.

You can also try going to places alone. Ensure you are well dressed enough to demand attention and not provocation.

Go to events organized for singles. It is a very effective way of meeting a guy who is ready for a relationship in a short amount of time.

The event provides you with a lot of guys who are also looking for love.

#Make use of social media

If you are of the younger generation, you have more likely to have a lot of social media account. Try your best to take advantage of technology. You can even make use of these platforms to connect with guys you already know or new ones.

#Make use of dating sites.

Scroll through the site and ensure you have a good look at every guy matching your description. Message the ones appealing to you and you may never know what happens next.

Don’t restrict yourself to just one site. There’s no harm in signing up for up to three sites to ensure a wider coverage of guys.

Identify 5 guys that meet your listed criteria. Make sure they match the criteria quit well. Identify about 5 but not more. Meeting too many guys may stress you out.

Shortlist the guys you have met: Identify the potential one through a method known as speed dating ( if over 18).

Speed dating is a renowned method of getting yourself a boyfriend as quick as possible. You can go on 30-60 seconds dates with as many guys as possible.

#Create a connection

Eliminate the “friend zone” and make him fall in love with you. The simplest definition of the friend zone is a situation in which there is a mismatch of romantic feelings.

It happens when someone wants to date you and all you want is friendship. It may be a bonus point if you are already friends with the guy you intend to date.

You should however endeavour to move past your friendship by sparking some chemistry and creating the impression that you are more than a friend.

Wear nice clothes that make you look better. Enhance your best features with the right amount of makeup and hair styling.

You don’t want to go out looking like you are headed for the carnival but ensure you make efforts to catch his attention.

#Develop a fantastic attitude and personality:

Your looks shouldn’t be the only attractive thing about you. Your behaviour and attitudes should be able to attract guys to you.

Build up your confidence and ensure you are brave enough to initiate a conversation with the guy you like.

Guys find girls confident about themselves attractive. Make effort not to appear egocentric.

Be cool about it and don’t put too much effort into it. If your guy is the shy type, avoid being forward. Ensure he is comfortable with your discussion by avoid topics that are too serious. Get him to open up to you and trust you.

A compliment here and there would build his confidence around you.
Identify opportunities to cross-paths:

The more you guys bump into one another, the more times you guys are able to strike a conversation and the higher the chances of getting him.

You can do well to visit his known locations and hangout spots. Don’t appear to be a stalker but plan your movements to make the encounters as random as possible.

Get involved in activities which will make you get notice by your dream guy. This will indicate that you share common interest but it will also make your meetings more frequent.

#Make use of body language:

How to get a boyfriend fast

Make use of body language


Make constructive use of your body language. You can make use of physical signs to indicate interest in him. This will give you more access to flirting and conversations or even a date.

Lean closer when he is speaking as an indication of attentiveness. A light touch in the conversation does no harm.

You can place your hand on his if he is being jovial. Avoid making body languages that indicate lack of interest.

Maintain eye contact with him during discussions. Ensure you are passing the right message across with your body language.

#Flirt a little:

If you are interested in a guy, a good way to inform him of your interest in him is flirting. If you are not good at flirting, you can take your time to practice.

Tease him gently with your words and actions. You might say, “Wow, you’re really into video games. Do you ever have time to do anything else? Like go to the movies?”
Try to react positively and laugh to funny things he says.

Make your tone as light as possible and avoid intense voice patterns.

#Initiate a conversation:

How to get a boyfriend fast

Initiate a conversation


Don’t shy away from making the first move. As soon as you spot the guy you like, get close to him.

Try small talk and see the direction it leads. Make good use of conversation starters and ice breakers.

You can speak to him about things happening around but make sure to make use of questions in order to get responses.

Identify a common ground: As soon as the conversation has began, it is actually a time for more deep conversations. Try to identify things you have in common. This will help both of you connect me.

It is not compulsory your interest is football and his cricket. Try to make him take about his interests. Maybe you notice that he is wearing a Chicago Bears hat.

You could say, “I don’t know much about the Bears, but I love football! Maybe you could tell me about your favourite team.”

#Plan a date:

After the conversations have been going on for quite some time, the next step is a date. Don’t wait around all date to be asked on a date.

Try saying, “It seems like we are both into movies. Do you want to go see the new Marvel movie with me on Friday night?”You can also put some of the planning on him. You could say, “I’m free Friday night. What should we do?”

#Ask him out on a date

Build your confidence and humbly ask him out with you. Make sure you clearly tell him how you feel about him. Inform him that you would want him as a boyfriend and bring up the issue of a date for that weekend. If he agrees, there is a high chance he becomes your boyfriend.

If he doesn’t accept, then it is an indication that he isn’t interested in you. Don’t force it. Move one to someone else and you can be sure to get a guy for yourself.

#Have fun with him

After finding the guy who agrees to go on a date with you, you can begin to discuss deeper things. A good way to bond is to get the guy to have fun.

Always try your best to make sure you guys have fun. Laugh when appropriate. Don’t afraid to let loose. Don’t be too serious.

#Spend time with him:

In building a relationship, quality time is very vital. Ensure you and your boyfriend do not lack enough quality time. Be creative and think of the best ways to spend time together.

#The bottom line

It’s definitely very possible to get a boyfriend fast. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting him in quicker than you think.

The first step’s always the hardest. It’s very much just like learning to walk, it’s harder to learn how to walk then to run. It’s simply because it’s always more difficult to learn the basics and finding the confidence to do it.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be out dating him in no time, sooner than you’d expect.

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