How to know if a guy likes you

Posted on 4th June 2018 in Date Tips, Mentality

How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Emotional issues can be quite dicey and very delicate. There are always a lot of uncertainties when it comes to love. Are you crushing on a guy around you but uncertain about how he feels about you? Or do you just want to find out if a guy is interested in you or is just taking a look at someone else or at the poster behind you. Here are some signs on how to know if a guy likes you. It does not matter the reason why you want to know his feelings for you, but there are a few ways to gauge a guy’s feelings and determine if he is interested in you. These tips will be listed below in no particular order. 

How to know if a guy likes you

The details


Take note of his body language: Human bodies help to reveal a lot of things and they are a big “exposer” in deciding if a guy likes you enough to date you. Funny enough, experts in body language have determined that females possess almost 52 body language signs to reveal if they like a guy and have found out that guys have only about 10 body language signs. These signs may not seem many enough but they are more than enough if you know the right signs to look out for. It is important that you do not mistake an innocent gesture for a call of love. A few of the body signs to take note of are:

  • He keeps staring at you. You may even notice him raise his eyebrow as he looks at you. Sometimes the guy may keep staring at you unconsciously.
  • Take note of the how intensely he looks at your face and maintains eye contact
  • His body posture leans towards you most times. A good sign of interest is personal space invasion.
  • Look at the direction his hands, feet, toes etc are facing. A good indicator of interest is if they are pointing towards you.
  • He starts taking note of himself e.g he touches his tie to straighten it or readjust his cloth on his body, he runs his hand through his hair while trying to make it appear tidy or he goes down to adjust his shoelaces. These set of actions are similar to that of natural display of animals for courting or mating.
  • Take note of his sitting posture. If he is sitting in a way to make himself appear more manly, that’s a good sign.
  • If a guy is interested in you, he would find it difficult to turn his back to you.


Take note of his eye contact: As stated earlier, a guy who likes you will find himself looking at you a lot, even if it is in secret. He may even make attempts to make you notice his gaze or he may take his gaze away instantly if he’s the shy type. You can always look away for a few seconds and then back at him to test his interest. If after looking back, he still has his sights set on you, then he is definitely interested in you. Another sign of interest is if his gaze shifts constantly to your mouth. If the guy breaks eye contact with you and stares around the room, he may not be interested in you.

If you constantly find his gaze shifting from one direction to another and sweeping your face, then he is interested in you.

You should carefully distinguish between a shy guy changing his gaze and a guy not interested in you. A shy guy would continue to look at you in secret. All you need is patience.

If you are not interested in the guy, it may be quite uncomfortable to maintain eye contact, break it off as soon as possible and look around the room as if looking for someone else.

A guy who likes you would want to make an impression, so if he makes everyone laugh and is constantly looking to see if you laughed, his interest in you is confirmed.

Pay attention to his words: A nervous guy who is interested in you and trying to get closer to you would most likely start saying things about him.  More often than not, guys feel the need to prove themselves, especially at the sight of competition.

Take note of how interested he is in what you have to say. A guy interested in you would move mountains to get you engaged in a conversation and would constantly try to break into your personal space.

Take note of his reaction when it comes to touching: A harmless touch is an important sign of interest in a developing relationship and you can determine his interest in you by how he reacts to being touched and how he touches you. If he is interested in you, he will constantly make harmless skin contact with you. You should also consider touching him to see his reaction. If he pullbacks when touched, this may be an indicator of a lack of interest.

A shy guy may react surprisingly but careful monitoring of his actions would reveal his intent.

Guys commonly referred to as “playboys” may also be interested in touching but you can determine his true identity by watching how he acts with other ladies. If you find him doing the same things with other girls, he messing around with you.

Be sensitive to how he treats you in comparison to other people around: A guy interested in you may start to behave protectively when he sees you around or in a “gentlemanly” fashion. Take note of signs such as the distance between you too, how he attends to your complaints etc.

Take note of the fact that some guys will flirt with other girls just to get your attention and for them to gauge how you react. This action of his helps him know if you like him or not. If he however is interested in you and not a playboy, if everything he says is somehow directed at you or if he stops flirting when you are not there, then he is interested in you.

Look at for how he suddenly begins to show interest in your areas of interest: For instance, if he is suddenly asking you to suggest some artists from your favourite genre of music, he’s interested in you. If he is going through a lot of stress to update himself on information concerning your favourite movie, song or artist, he is definitely into you. If he is trying his possible best to become increasingly familiar with your areas of interest, he likes you.

Look out for signs of nervousness: Some little signs of nervousness such as nervous laughter, sweaty palms, deep breaths, fidgeting or even avoiding your gaze when your eyes meets, can all serve to be signs of his interest in you. If he is nervous about your impression of him, it means he’s trying his best to get on your good side.

Take note of all his friends: If his friends are aware of his interest in you, you may find them teasing him gently anytime you show up; this is a very good indication that he like you. Also take note of his friends reactions, if they are also trying their best to make you comfortable or all of a sudden become very nice, he likes you.

You should however take note of signs that some signs of some bad friends. Some may make attempts to ruin what you guys have for one another.

Take note to see if he imitates you: Imitation may be a sign of a mutual interest and most times is an unconscious action. If you take note of the fact that he has been mimicking your gestures constantly, there is a high indication that he likes you. You can also test his interest by imitating him you, for instance, mirror his actions by touching his hair when he does, brush your face when he does and sit in the same posture as him. You will subconsciously tell him that you also like him.

If you all of a sudden find him in the same place as you such as finding him sitting close to you in lunch, you can be sure that he is probably trying his best to get closer to you. However, make sure he is not doing this due to a lack of options.

Be attentive to gentle, friendly teasing gestures: If you find yourself being teased in a friendly and fun manner, it could be a good indicator of his interest, especially if he is of a young age. Unless this is the same way, he acts with every girl around, and then this is a sign that he has selected you for this special kind of gestures. If he however says something offensive to you, do not make the mistake of overlooking it. State it clearly to him, to ensure the situation does not repeat itself.

Some guys may be actually meaner with their teasing, if this is getting too far, make sure you call his attention to what he is doing.

Pay attention to playful nudges: If he touches you or hits you playfully on your arm, this may be a sign that he likes you. Guys sometimes do this as a form of manly way to call your attention to the fact that they like you. If he comes to the realization that you are not avoiding his nudges, he may decide to proceed to more gentle ways of touching you.  You should however speak up if he hits you in a manner that hurts you, avoid insulting words but state firmly how hurt you are. If you are the type of girl or lady who enjoys the play punching, you may decide to throw a playful punch back.

You should actually be careful with this one. This nudges can sometimes send mixed signals and may be a sign of friendzone antics. Take note and check out if he does the same to the other girls around. Avoid indulging the play punching for too long as it may become to seem immature as time passes.

If you do not have any interest in playful nudges, speak up. Don’t get yourself hurt even if the intentions are good ones.

Be attentive to any compliments: If you are sporting a different hairstyle or putting a different touch of makeup and the guy takes not, this is a very good sign that he likes you.  A lot of guys won’t notice, or even if they do, they are not bothered enough to compliment you about it. Any compliment coming from him may be a sign of obvious interest.

However if a guy is a good friend of yours, the compliments may not be an indicator of any romantic interest. It could be purely platonic.

Not all guys find it convenient to give compliments, so don’t make this a necessary criterion for him.

Take note of how much attention he gives to you: If he is the type of person that constantly chats with you on social media, it may be a sign that he likes you. This is quite important because online, there are a lot of things that could take his time and him taking his time communicate with you is a sign of genuine interest. However, if he is just the talkative, friendly type or is even bored, don’t jump into conclusions that he likes you. This can be treated as a criterion attached to the other listed above.

The bottom line

If he makes use of any sign at the end of everything he says to you, you can be sure that means he likes you. Take some time and play along, you might just land yourself with that person.

If he is constantly trying to make you guess, it may also be a good sign that he is trying to get you engaged. It may also be due to him just trying to pass a funny message across. The context in which it occurs should be able to determine his feelings for you.

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