Why do men lose interest?

Posted on 11th February 2018 in Date Tips, Mentality

Why Do Men Lose Interest?
(And How To Keep Your Man Interested By Using Obsession Phrases)



Ever became a victim of the gentle blow-off? Waiting by the phone, for probably just a little too long? Checked your email more times today than you will admit out loud? These things are probably happening because he’s not interested in you anymore. So the question is, why do men lose interest? Just when things seems to be smooth sailing, poof, he pulls a Houdini. So why do men do that? Some experts suggests that it’s a required part of the course of your relationship; while others will say he’s just not that into you no more. Finding out why will help you prevent the blow-off again, or at least will help you correct it the next time it happens again to you.

How to keep your man interested

How to keep your man interested

The Details


  • You’re on a different page than him (relationship wise). This is one of the main reasons men lose interest. Counter this one by making sure that you only date men which ARE on the same page as you. It’s normal to want a long-term thing; but just don’t date the guys who aren’t ready for the same type of commitment right now. It’s also okay for him to also have his own wants; give him space, if this is his reason, you will have him coming back to you more than a freak-out for leading you on will.
  • You somehow made him upset and haven’t owned it. It may be hard to look at your own actions with an objective perspective, but do try your best to do so. No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes. When you’ve done something wrong, embrace the maturity to identify your wrong-doings and apologize. If he has lost interest because of something you have done, and if you know it, admitting it and asking for his forgiveness is the best thing to do and it also shows that you care about his feelings. The both of you will not be able to go forward until you’ve repaired your past. If you want to keep your man interested interested in you, you have to admit your mistakes.
  • There’s a third party. It’s sad but it’s true, this happens very often. He may just not have the courage to tell you. The only way to not let this happen is to be an awesome girlfriend. Be cool, but don’t try too hard nor try to pressure him into being your forever love.
  • He simply don’t get along the same channel. It just happens. You can’t fake nor force chemistry, and sometimes guys might date the same woman for a long time to try to make it click, although it never does. So he slowly fades out or ends things when he finally realizes that it’s just not going to work. If you’ve been together with a guy for a while and then this happens, take comfort for the fact that he still thought you were awesome enough to invest all that time and energy. It’s no one’s fault when the chemistry isn’t there; that’s just how it is. Move on, find the guy that will give you the butterflies you deserve.
  • You’re TOO available. This comes in many ways from having sex too soon to asking him to marry you on the third date. If you don’t have a life other that him, he will dissapear faster than he can say, “Check please!” A little mystery goes a very long way. Keep him guessing the same way he keeps you guessing, and you will drive him nuts, but in the good way.
  • You’re always in need of him. Men love to be needed ¾ yes, they don’t like to know that your day cannot function without knowing where they are and what they’re up to all the time. Yes, you CAN kill that spider in your closet all on your own; he doesn’t need to be dragged out of his client meeting to help you every time you break a nail.

The Bottom Line


It can be very difficult to understand why do men lose interest.. The slow blow-off, the fade away, it seems to be way more common today than in the past. Truth is, sometimes it’s just easier for men to fade away than to be honest with you about what’s happening. While every relationship has its own reason for why the love faded, you need to remember is that it’s not always 100% about you, and sometimes, you’re just better off separate ways. Your girlfriends are right: you’re awesome, and the right one will come along. And you have to remember that sometimes, the right one isn’t a new guy at all but it’s the same guy who lost you once, and then realized what a fool he was before.

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