Single women looking for men

Posted on 14th May 2018 in Date Tips, Style Guides

Single women looking for men


Continue reading if you’re a single women looking for men. It is rightly said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It is so difficult to actually draw a line or predict as to what women need, and how men react.

Men generally say it’s a herculean task to understand a woman. And women on her part feel that men are dumb without any emotion or feeling. Whatever it is women want attention and men want to play safe by not attaching too much to the women folks. 

One great weakness of a Single women looking for men is expectations. She expects her man to be around her giving all the attention in the world one-pointedly. But when that doesn’t happen she is all nagging and depressed. Women want to be an irresistible part of a man’s life. Their whole life is bent on making a man turn back and look and come behind her. So what can make a man irresistibly and hopelessly stuck with a woman? Is there any magic formula? What are the Secrets of single women looking for men?

Single women looking for men

Single women looking for men

The details

  • Women should understand a man’s weakness too. Men are always curious about a woman if she is distant or is resisting his call. The more you keep off the more they are attracted as the curious factor in them will drive them crazy. So it is always good to maintain some form of curiosity in their mind to keep them behind you. Don’t try to reveal your whole package within the first few meetings or dates. Let him know that you are a mystery and that will create a deep interest in you and he will keep coming back to know more and more about you. 
  • Don’t fake to attract a man. Many women go out of the way to project themselves as super good or super sexy. Men can easily identify such women and they try to keep off. Be natural and do things just for your sake. Don’t fake your behaviour nor try to be someone you are not. First, respect your self-esteem and be proud that you are what you are. Then this self-confidence will reflect on your day to day activities.  Men love a woman who is confident and self-dependant. So, the easiest way to corner a man is to just be your own true self. Simply logic is that men don’t want to get committed so easily and thus avoid a woman who is very insecure and dependant. Once they see someone who is self-dependant, noncommittal and self-reliant they just fall head over heals for her. 

How to dress on your first date.

  • It doesn’t matter who you’re going on a date with. It would be wise to know how to dress well to impress him. You have to take note that first date can break or make the moment for the couples and a majority of men prefer classy instead of trashy attire. You do not have to spend lots of money on your perfect outfit, yet it also does not hurt to use designer clothing as an inspiration for upscale, modern look.  Here are some of the tips you may take into consideration when going on your first date. 
  • Coordinating Colors. Spring is just around the corner. Usually, it means a tribute to sun-kissed skin, tons of bright colour, and bare shoulders. The runway sported prints and colours to the max. From exuberant, bright reds to show stopper cobalt blues, especially placed together. Matching and mixing are hot nowadays. With the daring outfits that will let you show your personality, will you be able to make it work for a date? Regardless of your experience in dating, never go too over the top. Wearing black on your first date might be a deal breaker. Without realizing this, you might be giving off the vibe that you’re dejected. You are trying to look for love, not pay for your respects.
  • Try mixing colour black with fun coloured print or neutrals. Such options will let you show your mysterious side that you can’t wait to let loose. 
  • Choose the Right Pair of Shoes. Your six-inch stilettos must be left at home. You don’t know where the night could take you and you have to remember that such shoes aren’t practical for majority occasions. The runways were loaded with two types of shoes. Each girl must own strappy, nude heels and black pumps. These go with everything, sexy to boot, and flatter your feet. Both pairs complete with any outfit are considered dance floor-friendly, enabling you to embrace the night. 
  • Consider Pencil Skirts. Pencil skirts are gaining more traction, yet the new age variety is creating waves. These kinds of skirts were reinvented. Although you will still find traditional varieties including black knee length for business suits, you should pick a pencil skirt that fits you perfectly for good sex appeal. The key is right below the knee. It shows perfectly your entire silhouette, yet does show off legs. For the flirty appeal, consider going for a playful or metallic variety, but a mellow printed option. 

The bottom line

Whenever you’re out on a date, it is crucial to look the part. You don’t have to be an expert in dating to impress and make him attracted to you. Just keep it classy, think sensible, and show your fun side. Always expect the unexpected and take note to add a touch of flair. All gentlemen love the element of surprise. So, regardless of when your first date will keep those tips in mind to get the best results.  In conclusion these were some dating tips for women. Prior to going on date with any man, you should go through the tips mentioned above. These tips will make your dating pleasurable. Click here to learn more on HOW TO BE IRRESISTIBLE!