How to get a guy to like you

Posted on 7th May 2018 in Date Tips, Mentality

How To Get a Guy To Like You


Does it feel like you’ve met the perfect-est guy in the world and you’re just waiting for him to drop those three little love words? Or have you been simply dating someone which seems like forever and still, you don’t know where you stand? Trying to take things to the next level with him but don’t want to pressure him into doing the opposite? The fact is, you can’t make anyone love you, neither man or woman, but you can build a relationship in such a way that will seduce him to love you exactly the way you love him and here’s how.

How to get a guy to like you

The Details

  • Be easygoing. This is in the top five list of traits that most men are looking for when it comes to “the special someone.” If you’re texting him 70 times a day to check out on where he is and what he’s doing, you’re not gonna look like the easygoing type. Being the “cool” girlfriend will make him love with you faster than being the girlfriend that acts like a Barbie.
  • Feed his ego. It probably sounds sexist, but this works for both ways. You wanna be around people who talks good about you more than wanting to be around people who don’t, right? You want him to call you beautiful, and he wants you to do the same, just as much. There are ways to compliment a man appropriately but at the same time without looking like a stalker. Practice this art; when he picks you up, tell him that’s your new favorite sweater of his. Then return a compliment for every one that he gives you. It will not sound fake if it isn’t, and feeding his ego will make him want to be around you more.
  • Take the wheel every once in awhile. As much as he enjoys the moment of chasing you, he’d also love to know that you want to chase him a little bit back. This does not only feeds his ego, but it also takes the pressure off him. Men will not chase women that they think they can’t get, so chase him a little bit, and he’ll fall in love with you faster than if you didn’t.
  • Always smell great. Looking attractive for him is obviously a good thing, but the sense of smell triggers much deeper responses in men than looks alone. The smell system in their brains is connected to the feeling system in their brains (the limbic system) and in yours too. That’s where you get the warm and fuzzy every time you smell mom’s pot roast. Smelling great triggers these emotions that makes him want to be with you, as much as possible. Unlike looks, whenever he smells these things even when he’s not around you, he will immediately think of you. It’s a very powerful trigger that people don’t give enough credit to.
  • Be open. Once again, men will not say those three little words until they’re at least 99% sure that she is going to say them back. If you’re too busy playing hard to get, or you’re guarded and too afraid to open up, he will back off because you are no longer a sure thing. It’s one of the hardest steps to do when falling in love, but once you’ve gone through this period, it’s nothing but sweetness after that.
  • Need him. When men feel like they are the only ones able to provide or help one particular woman, their alpha instinct takes place and they want to be around to help her more. Yes you can be confident and sexy and still ask him to open a jar for you once in a while.
  • Whisper in his ear. There’s just something special about women whispering into men’s ears. It’s almost naughty, but at the same time intimate. You’re saying to him something that you’re not telling anybody else and this makes him feel special. When he feels special being with you, it creates a bonding moment that you won’t be able to create even with the sexiest dress in your closet.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to getting a man to love you, you’ve gotta be somewhat vulnerable, at the same time cleverly place some cues and flirts. Knowing what taps into those emotional triggers is all you need to get him to fall in love with you. Be the easygoing girl who doesn’t make problems out of the small stuff, and practice those tips which will help you make him feel like the only man in your life. When he’s confident that you feel the same way about him by making him feel special, he won’t be able to help but fall in love with you.

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