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Help Me With Him


Help me with him is all about guiding our readers and giving tips on how to get a guy to like you, or better yet to become your boyfriend or husband. Good for you! Look no further.

So, how are we different? We’re not gonna start creating a sad sob story, like how we used to get dumped or how much we’ve struggled to find our man. Our approach is to keep thingsĀ  short, simple and as actionable as possible.

We try to provide tips which you can immediately use to get ahead of other girls so that HE only sees you and nobody else.

We are a one stop page dedicated to helping women finding the man of their dreams. Regardless of your looks and personality, we believe that you will still be able to find true love (and get together with him).

Take some time and read through our blog posts. They contain really great information that can significantly increase your chances of being together with him. I know that you can find massive value from Help Me With Him, and if you have friends who are in the same situation, feel free to share the tips with them.

Cheers, Edward.

As thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, we’ve also prepared a book for you, designed to kickstart your love life.