How to catch a cheating husband

Posted on 7th June 2018 in Cheating

How to Catch a Cheating Husband


Here’s how to catch a cheating husband. You may have notice some signs and your mind is trying to connect the dots. Your husband may have been keeping late nights and spending more time that usual at work. On arrival at home, after a quiet meal, he just sticks to his phone and replies all your queries with flimsy excuses. If you’re worried about the recent activities of your spouse and intend to find out, we will discuss about some methods which can be employed to confirm your suspicions.

Due to the delicacy of this matter, I would advise that before you rush into this process, spend some time thinking about your reaction if the suspicions are confirmed. Is your bond with a partner so strong that you won’t consider bringing the relationship to an end no matter the outcome of your findings? If so, then it would be advisable that you ignore the mistakes of your husband and save yourself the headache of finding out the details.

Do you belief that your spouse is a cheat and just looking for the best excuse to call it quits? In this type of scenario, things have hit a rocky plain, and it may be better to find ways to rescue the relationship or just end it at once.

If you however choose to investigate, brace yourself to deal with your finding whether good or bad.

Note: Some methods employed for spying on your husband may be deemed illegal under your jurisdiction. Ensure you are aware of the law before spying.
For the simplification of the entire process, the entire process is divided into three major sections.

How to catch a cheating husband

How to catch a cheating husband

How to catch your cheating husband


Section One (Super duper controversial) – But we’ll talk about it anyway.


Make use of your fingers: Let your finger do most of the work. Cellphones have become a common part of our lives. This means, it is near certain that the affair between your husband and the strange woman is also going on via cellphone.
Ensure you do some phone sleuthing: You can perform phone sleuthing if you have an old land line. It is quite easy to do. Take the spare land line to a part of the house where your husband rarely goes and connect it to the phone jack. Take off the mouthpiece so that you do not get detected.

Whenever he decides to pick the call of that suspicious number, head to your secret part of the house and carefully take off the receiver. Avoid being too gentle and it may cause sound on the line that will cause you to get detected.

Now press the record button. If you are sure your cheating husband is not going to call his partner when you are around, but may find it irresistible to place a call when you seem to not be looking or if your husband’s mistress is of the habit of calling your husband just before she goes to bed, then recording the conversation would be perfect. If you play your games right, you may just be able to get their conversation recorded.

If you own a smart phone, or a cellphone with a recorder, place the earpiece of the headset close enough to the microphone and record the entire conversation. If you have gotten all the evidence you want, act immediately. Confront him with his toothbrush and a travelling bag, and have him packing. If you are however unable to get anything concrete, you should just carry on with your life.

Make use of a baby monitor: This is one of the cheapest, low-tech ways of eavesdropping. If you have no babies in your lives at the moment, this may get be quite tricky. You can however overcome all the challenges around this. Wait till he goes shopping and them head to the local gizmo shop. Get yourself a baby monitor, a can of spray paint (the same colour as where you will place the transmitter), and a roll of matching masking tape ( just in case the baby monitor comes with a blinking LED light).

Paint the transmitter using the spray paint. Make sure you cover the microphone hole before you pain, to ensure you don’t spray the inner parts of the monitor.
Head to the room where he frequently goes to pick his calls and keep the transmitter in a safe location where it is out of sight. You may decide to keep it behind some books, or the couch.

Turn it on and place a portable radio in the room with its volume very low to a human-whisper and giggle level. Head into a secret room and turn on the receiver. If you can hear the radio, then all is set. If you can’t hear the radio, make adjustments till you can.

When the call comes in, he may have to excuse himself, excuse yourself to your secret room. Turn on the monitor in the secret room and turn on your recorder and listen to the conversation. Ensure you do your best to keep the monitor as hidden as possible to avoid any embarrassments.

Make digital recording with a digital recorder: There are a lot of digital recorders to choose from with different shapes and designs which are voice activated. You can just easily keep one where your spouse will most likely have his call and record his conversation.

Check your husband’s phone: Go all out with this. Gaining direct access to your husband’s phone can tell a lot. Ensure you take a look at sent messages more than received ones. Regular checks will allow you have a faint idea of how things are between them. Take note of all fake names that may exist on his phone.

You can also check his email. This is another method he may decide to employ for his cheating sessions with that strange woman. He may decide to send her emails or chat with her online. You can also make use of certain software copy all the mails and conversation sent between the two parties to your phone. These software records all of his emails, messages, websites visited and copies the recorded information to your email address.

Unless you have a very careful spouse, you may decide to make use of his computer when he is not around. Take a look at browser history, recent applications that may reveal what is going on between them.

A cheating husband may decide to keep you from seeing his emails by making use of passwords and saving emails under fake names. You may initially type in his typical passwords or decide to go on google to get special software to hack passwords.

Section Two


Make use of other methods to spy on your husband: Utilise the different tools within your reach. You may employ the help of inanimate objects. Some hidden cameras come in some of the most unimaginable forms possible. They are sometimes so discreet that even you may find it difficult to locate the camera. Hidden cameras may come in wall clocks, houseplants or table lamps.

Set-up a GPS device: Keep track on the whereabouts of your husband by making use of a GPS device. The device will show you where he has driven to lately. This will give you the right evidence and details to confront him.

Some GPS devices also come with an extra feature that helps record the mileage of the car before and after work. You can confirm your suspicions if the distance he travels is constantly more than the distance between your home and work by a few score kilometers or miles.

Take note of all his friends: Which of his friends does he see the most? Which of his friends does he contact the most? Are you on good terms with that person? Whenever you guys have a reason to meet, take note of their expressions when you are in a conversation with them. You are advised not to directly question them. You don’t want to have to put anyone in a dicey situation.

Study history: If you are unable to gain access to the call history, you can access the details online through telephone accounts. A password will be required to access this. It is however more likely that the password in use was set up before the cheating affair began, so it may turn out to be something you know. Getting the password will help you shed light on a lot of hidden issues.

Take note of behavioural changes: Take note of changes of known habits and preferences. You may begin to take note of changes in things such as clothes, appearance, reactions, distance, sex and so on. Keep an eye on all these changes to determine if they are adversely affecting your relationship or not. Changes like this say a lot more than you expect.

Identify secrets: You should keep an eye out for any hidden objects which your husband may be making use of to avoid detection. You should also look at the deleted files because a lot of people forget to clear out their trash.

Section Three


Set up your spouse: It may be best to actually catch him in the act. If you are still convinced about your husband’s cheating, despite monitoring him severally and finding nothing, this may just be the section that reveals everything. You however need to make an important decision on the lengths you would go to confirm your suspicion.

You should identify the reason(s) why you don’t trust your spouse. Has he done anything in the past to warrant this suspicion? Are all your suspicions just baseless and made up? Do you have anything to confront him with? It is not uncommon to find spouses who accuse their husband of infidelity based on circumstances which eventually turn out to be isolated events.

A drop in the attention he pays to you is not an indication of infidelity. Working late hours or hanging out with his friends may be as harmless as the sound. It is not uncommon to find spouses who have suddenly lost the spark in their relation due to the prolonged time spent together. Also, some spouses get addicted to their job and unconsciously start to neglect their spouses. (Click here to read blog post in detail on Why Men Pull Away)

Consult yourself. If you however still feel you have a reason to be suspicious of your spouse, then make an assumption that he is going to be cautious enough to avoid being caught. He may avoid sending emails from his personal computer or calling from the home land line. He will most likely still stick to his normal routine and patterns you are familiar with and use that to have an affair right under your nose. A sexual affair does not demand much time or commitment. They may decide not to spend long periods of time with one another. He may even consistently meet up with your schedules. If you are however hell bent on getting the truth, you should do the following:

Prepare things for the set-up: Purchase a good camera with a zoom lens and place a tracking device in his clothe, bag or vehicle. You may also decide to keep a voice-activated recorder behind your bed. You may then decide to fake a trip out of town for some days. Make sure your husband is aware of your trip.

Do your homework properly: Do your best to make your trip look as convincing as possible by sharing the details of the trip, while you put plans in place for you to lodge at a hotel just outside town. You may also make real reservations to make things look real and cancel them at the last hour.

Leave the house: Try your best to call your husband after certain time has elapsed to make it look like you’ve arrived at your destination. Make use of your cellphone for this.
Keep a track on your spouse’s activity: By making use of the GPS tracker, ensure you constantly take note of your husband’s movements.

Repeat this routine for as long as it takes to find something or till you are convinced he is faithful.

Be prepared for the worst: If you end up finding out something, you may decide to head home or with your evidence. If you do not, then you should head home as soon as possible. It is advisable that you end your suspicions by talking to your partners to put an end to the issue. Your conversation may lead to a better relationship or it may end things.

The bottom line

As far as trying to catch your husband in the act, sometimes we may have to resort to going full CSI mode on him. But also, you have to understand that sometimes, they’re not cheating on you, it may very well simply be because he’s having a bad day at work.

Sometimes, there’s no need to go through all the above to find out if he’s cheating. Have a casual chat, ask him what he feels about you. Tell him honestly and nicely what you feel about him. Most of the time, you’ll realise that, it’s just miscommunication and misjudgement all along.