How to save your marriage

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All married couples have come up to the time when they feel like their marriage cannot last and they are done. Many times, you feel like throttling your husband or you find yourself wandering about why you chose him in the first place. Likewise, men also come to a point when they think that why did they even opt for marriage. However, all of it is normal and you will feel like your marriage is ending on some days and you think that there is no way that you can save the marriage. You will also assume that there is literally no way to save it. You think you are pretty much out of chances and your capacity to compromise has touched the finishing line. But the next day is a new day and you are already putting the arguments, fights and the useless thoughts behind you.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. It is not a relationship that is going to last for some months and you will whine for a week or two after it is over and then you will be fine. Marriage is about a lifetime journey that has to be spent by going hand in hand with your partner. You need to make sure that you both are working together to make your marriage work and stay powerful too. Don’t ever assume that good and strong couples do not disagree with one another or they probably don’t fight; that is impossible. However, good couples usually know the secret to keeping their marriage alive as they both tend to think about staying together rather than going poles apart. Your life is not all about the hygiene and task distribution arguments that you have; it is much more than all of it. it is going to demand hard work and mutual effort to work!

Therefore, here we have wrapped up some of the best tips to save the marriage. It really depends on you and your partner but understanding some things makes life way easier. Just remember that you are not fighting with your partner to win the argument. You both are together and the both of you is fighting the problem. It is you and him vs the problem and not him vs her.

How to save your marriage

How to save your marriage




If you are in search of some handful of tips or advices to save your marriage, then you are at the right place. Don’t be hopeless! Every married couple fights like it is their last day together. It is how you handle the situations and your troubles that make your love and marriage last forever. Let’s dig into some meaningful and best 8 tips on how to save the marriage.


  1. Gentle beginning of the day:

Most often, couples forget to tell each other that they love them. This is usually from the male side as they are too busy in their office chores that they start putting their wife on the sideline. This is where a lot of troubles begin because no wife wants to be avoided for too long. This affects her emotionally which ruins her mood and then you two find yourself, arguing a lot more than usual.


Thus, starting off the day with a gentle touch, a little kiss and a supportive look is all that it takes to let the other person know that you love them or you care for them. Say I love you in the morning or when you come back from home. It is really important to express your love. Just because you are married now, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to tell each other that you love your partner. Expression is always going to be the savior. So start off the day with a gentle kiss, a small touch and a huge I love you.


  1. Prioritize your Marriage:

When you get married, you need to come face to face with the fact that it is one of your basic priorities now. You need to bring it first in a lot of situations. Both partners need to give in time and a lot of effort. Marriage is just like a bicycle; it cannot move until and unless both the tyres are working equally well. you cannot just imagine of a single person to push the bicycle till the end; eventually he/she will get tired.


Therefore, you need to prioritize your marriage. You can just spend 15-20 minutes with your partner daily to ask them about their day and if they had any problems. Make sure that you show your partner that they are your basic priority at that given time. Put your phone away and don’t switch on the television. If you get any calls, ignore them; nothing is going to go upside down in 15 minutes. Just keep in mind that you need to save the marriage and you love this person and you cannot survive a day without seeing their face!


  1. Make time to make love:

There are a lot of females who don’t get satisfied with their physical life after marriage. Never rush into sex. Making love is an art and it should remain one. The perfect way to make love is to do it gently and don’t forget the importance of foreplay at all. If you are making love in a rush, you are just pissing off your partner and they assume that they are not good enough for you. Also, it can really kill your marriage and the love vibes. Thus, making love should always take time and make sure that you cuddle in and sleep after that. Never go rushing outside to watch television or with your friends right away you have had sex with your partner. If you have a commitment beforehand, don’t indulge your partner into making love and then leave them, yearning for more. They will eventually back off from you the next time you try to get physical. ALWAYS, make time to make love; never do it in a rush.


For all the women out there, try out new things because men love it. You don’t want them to get bored of you. Try to get now and sexier lingerie and maybe learn new ways to turn them on or how to get the best foreplay done. You need to update your knowledge now and then about this because it really matters.


  1. You are a team; remember that:

When you get married, you need to understand the fact that there is now a hold to your unlimited freedom and this is important for both the genders to absorb. Especially if you have children, your freedom does get limited. It is a tit for tat system; you give more freedom and you get more freedom too. However, if your partner is not too comfortable with you hanging out every weekend with your friends, then you can limit it. Make it once per month because your wife and children need you. Likewise, you can take them out one weekend and then stay in with them from the next weekend and plan a day with your friend’s on the next weekend. This way, your wife/husband or children won’t feel like you are avoiding them. Also, don’t ever look at limited freedom as a bad thing. Think of it as a beautiful thing that you are doing for your marriage and you can go out with your partner on adventures or movie and have fun.


  1. Compliments are important:

If you don’t compliment your partner; start doing it now. You need to make your partner feel loved and valued. It is important to make your partner feel beautiful or handsome. Especially, men need to Compliment their wives now and then. Tell her that she is beautiful or she takes your breath away or just bring her flowers to tell her that you have been missing her all day because she looked stunning in the morning. A lot of men don’t have the habit of passing on good words or they are not expressive. However, you can fake it a bit too. When your marriage is on the rocks, you can do anything to save it. Moreover, once you start pushing yourself to praising your wife, it will soon become a habit and this single one habit can bring out a lot of positivity in your relationship and will aid a lot to save the marriage.


  1. Dump that phone for a while:

Couples these days are more interested in seeing other coupes on Instagram, fulfill their couple goals, rather than setting some for themselves too. Smartphones have become a huge reason for divorces and lack of attention that is needed in a married couple. It is nothing less than a trouble maker. It is important that you put your phone aside when you two are together. Forget about catching up with your boss emails or texting back your colleague who can easily wait till the next 2 hours or answering the call of that silly friend of yours who only remembers you once in a blue moon. When you are with her/him, just stay there! Communicate and discuss what they want to do or how they are doing at work or what if you both go out on a vacation. Communication is the key and you need to prioritize your marriage. Putting your phone away shows a lot of respect so does it!


  1. Sleep well:

Lack of sleep can easily make your annoyed and you can have severe mood swings. This is normal; whether you are single or married, you do experience the mood havoc due to lack of sleep. Thus, to make sure that you wake up energetic and happy, you need to sleep in well. Don’t compromise on your sleep because your sudden mood swings can make you hurt your partner. Even though it is unintentional but it can have long lasting effects on your relationship. Thus, don’t ever sleep less than 7 hours daily if you are looking forward to save the marriage of yours.


  1. Leave your work at the workplace:

This is for both the partners as women work these days too. You need to leave your work at the workplace. Even if you have some task that you need to complete at home and submit in the morning, make sure that you spend 15-20 minutes with your partner before you dig into work again. Your partner waits all day long to meet you and talk to you; thus don’t ever let that go away. Communication is very important and doing so on daily basis helps in keeping a marriage alive. Also, try your level best to leave your work at the workplace because it can really save the marriage as you get more time to spend with your wife or husband.



Life is moving way too fast these days. Everyone is so busy that getting time for one another seems impossible. This is the root cause of several troubles that make a marriage fail. A lot of people are always trying to save their marriage but they are unable to do so. However, you need to keep in mind that in order for your marriage to bloom, a mutual effort is required. Marriage is never going to work with a single person effort. Therefore, with this handful of 8 tips on how to save the marriage, you can bring in some positive changes in your life which are much needed. Make sure that you take out time for your partner, compliment them, and tell them that you love them, stay away from your phone while you are with them and make them feel special now and then. Marriage asks for hard work but all of these are just small gestures that can really help you save the marriage. Don’t let your relationship drown; give time, put in effort and don’t forget to say I love you!

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